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AAB Brocanteur

House Clearance Brussels: AAB Brocanteur, the ideal partner for clearing your home

When it comes to clearing a house, apartment, or any other place filled with memories, it can be an emotional and complex task. Yet, it is a necessary step in many situations, such as moving, transitioning to a care home, emigrating, or dealing with inheritances. In Brussels and its surrounding areas, AAB Brocanteur is the house clearance company you can trust to handle this task professionally, quickly, and discreetly.

House Clearance Brussels: A comprehensive and tailored service to meet your needs

AAB Brocanteur is a company specialized in house clearance in Brussels. We have the necessary equipment, vehicles, and expertise to successfully complete these types of assignments. Thanks to our experience and market knowledge, we can offer you customized solutions for valuing your valuable items and removing unwanted items.

House clearance

AAB Brocanteur, a professional house clearance company, offers efficient and swift services in Brussels. Trust our expertise for a thorough and meticulous job.

Antique dealer

AAB Brocanteur is a Brussels-based company specializing in the purchase, sale, and appraisal of antique and collectible items, offering professional services for vintage enthusiasts.


Attic cleanup

AAB Brocanteur organizes a flea market in Brussels, providing a unique opportunity to find vintage items, antiques, and great deals. Come join us to browse and sell in a friendly atmosphere.

AAB Brocanteur

House Clearance Brussels: A free quote for a quick start

To make things easier for you, we offer a free quote for our house clearance service in Brussels. All you have to do is contact us by phone at +32 486 75 24 52, by email at chantal@aab-services.be, or by filling out our online contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to assess your needs and propose a suitable solution.

House Clearance Brussels: A quality service to value your belongings

At AAB Brocanteur, we don’t just clear your house in Brussels; we also take into account the value of the items you wish to sell. We, therefore, offer you the best price for your valuable possessions and take care of disposing of the rest.

House Clearance Brussels: Trust AAB Brocanteur, your house clearance specialist

For a house clearance service in Brussels that combines efficiency, speed, and discretion, trust AAB Brocanteur. Don't hesitate to contact us and benefit from our expertise in this field.

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