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AAB Brocanteur

Antiques Dealer Brussels - AAB Brocanteur, Expert in Old and Antique Objects

AAB Brocanteur is a renowned antiques dealer company in Brussels, specializing in the purchase and sale of high-quality old and antique objects. With our experience and expertise, we are proud to offer our services across the Brussels region and beyond. Our passionate antiques dealers are ready to assist you in appraising and selling your valuable objects, such as paintings, furniture, silverware, jewelry, and African art objects, among others.

A Team of Experienced Antiques Dealers at Your Service

The team at AAB Brocanteur is composed of experienced antiques dealers with in-depth knowledge of the art and antiques market. Each member of our team is capable of accurately assessing the value of your objects, providing you with the best proposals for your antiques. We take pride in being a reference in the field of old object expertise in Brussels.

AAB Brocanteur

In-Home Appraisals and Antique Purchases

To offer you a personalized service, AAB Brocanteur provides in-home visits for the appraisal and purchase of your old objects. Our antiques expert will come to your home to accurately and fairly evaluate and appraise your objects. We also offer a free quote to help you make an informed decision about selling your antiques.

Complete Clearing Service

In addition to purchasing your old and antique objects, AAB Brocanteur offers a complete clearing service. Our team takes care of the removal of unsold objects, simplifying your life and allowing you to fully enjoy your newly freed-up space.

Market Leader in Brussels in the Field of Antiques Dealers

AAB Brocanteur is proud to be a market leader in the antiques dealers sector in Brussels. Our reputation is built on our commitment to excellence, expertise, and attention to detail. For all your needs regarding the purchase and sale of antiques in Brussels, trust AAB Brocanteur, the ideal partner for valuing and protecting your heritage.

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